Vietnam Ground Calcium Carbonate

Vietnam Calcium Carbonate in India

Vietnam Calcium Carbonate in India

We RISHABHDEO MICRO MINERALS PVT LTD are the leading manufacturer of Vietnam calcium carbonate in India which is used by PVC Plastic pipes, Adhesives, Paints And Coating, Paper & Printing, Cables and other industries.

Where to Get International Standard Ground Calcium Carbonate in India?

We at Rishabdeo Micro Minerals Private Ltd have earned applause for providing the best quality Vietnam calcium carbonate and allied raw materials all over India. Each of the products that we offer gets processed from ores directly sourced from the mines. They are high in the purity question, absolutely free from foreign particles like black grit and silica. To cater to the needs of the clients who prefer international products, we also import premium quality raw materials from Vietnam.

Chemical Analysis

Calcium Carbonate as CaCO3 (min.) 98.5%
Magnesium as MgO (max.) 0.21%
Iron as Fe2 O3 (max.) 0.02%
Silica as SiO3 (max.) 0.12%
Aluminium as Al2 O3 (max.) 0.3%

Exporter of Vietnam Calcium Carbonate

Rishabhdeo micro minerals are manufacturer, exporter of a variety of Vietnam Calcium Carbonate, Coated Calcium Carbonate, Activated calcium carbonate and Ground Calcium Carbonate etc.

Why Imported Raw Materials?

We not only cater to the needs of our domestic clients but also double up as an exporter of Calcium Carbonate abroad. By and large, our products are well-received in various industries, including paper, coating, cables, PVC pipes, and adhesives, among other industries. However, we do have some clients who prefer Vietnam Ground Calcium carbonate manufacturers in India for some practical reasons. For example, the CaCo3 obtained from there is the whitest of the kind. So many companies that prepare whitening products using calcium carbonate prefer Vietnamese granule powders to the others. Plus, these powders leave the least amount of residue after use. Also, the calcium carbonate sourced from Vietnam is less abrasive than that of what comes from other parts of the world.

CPhysical Analysis

PROPERTIES VT-100 VT-200 VT-500 VT-1000
Whiteness (min.) 98% 98% 98% 98%
Brightness (min.) 96% 96% 96% 96%
Moisture (max.) 0.2% 0.2% 0.2% 0.2%
Oil Absorption (ml/100gm) 24 23 22 21
Specific Gravity 2.7 2.7 2.7 2.7
d-50 1.4 ± 0.3 1.9 ± 0.3 2.3 ± 0.5 3.2 ± 0.5 b
d-97 6 ± 1 8 ± 1 10 ± 1 15 ± 2

Getting Technical Specifications

Our official website contains easy-to-understand, comprehensive, and to-the-point specifications of everything that we have to offer. This apart, we have employed friendly yet knowledgeable customer support executives who are ready to render all necessary help and information.

Our Quality Maintenance Policy

As one of the few providers of Vietnam Calcium Carbonate in India, it is our responsibility to ensure that our clients get the best for the money they invest. So even after importing premium quality raw materials, our team conducts a strict quality check before putting them to use. Our team also takes care to keep the consistency of the size of the particles. All it takes is a phone call to build a relationship with us.