Ground Calcium Carbonate

Ground Calcium Carbonate Manufacturers in India

Ground Calcium Carbonate
Manufacturers in India

RMM is one of the largest companies Providing a wide range of Ground Calcium Carbonates Manufacturers in India, Ground Calcium Carbonate Supplier in India. The related raw materials occur naturally & used in the form of calcium carbonate. The Real Reason behind The Popularity Of This Ground Calcium Carbonate Manufacturers In India.

The Real Reason behind The Popularity Of This Ground Calcium Carbonate Manufacturers In India
At Rishabdeo Micro Minerals Pvt Ltd, we cater to the needs of various industries, ranging from cables, PVC plastic pipes, coating, paints, adhesives, printing, and paper, among many others. Our diversity in our service, as well as the quality of our raw materials, make us one of the leading suppliers of mineral-based products. Hailing from Gujarat, we are one of the Best Ground Calcium Carbonate Suppliers in India and even abroad.

Our Raw Materials

Each of the products that we prepare with calcium carbonate as a base is made from the finest quality calcite ores. They have calcium carbonate as the primary component. Our meticulously trained employees wash the ores with great care, eventually crushing them to create an exceptionally consistent powder. As one of the most trusted Calcium Carbonate Manufacturers in Gujrat, we make powders of different grades. This makes our ground CaCo3 suitable for various applications.


  High stability

  Highly effective

  Precisely formulated

  Accurate composition


  Adhesives & Sealantsy

  Animal & Pet Feeds

  Paint Industries

  PVC/ Plastic industries

  Rubber Industries

  Glass & Ceramics

  Paper filler & coating pigments

Best Ground Calcium Carbonate Supplier in India

Our Portfolio

RMM is the leading supplier of ground calcium carbonate (GCC) in India. We offer a wide range of products, including GCC in various particle sizes, grades, and specifications. The details of our projects as Ground Calcium Carbonate Manufacturers in India are well documented on our company website. We have already become regular raw material suppliers for many well-known companies. Our products have been well received by many big names that prepare pet and animal feeds, sealants, adhesives, PVC, plastic, paints, ceramics, glass, rubber, personal care products, coating pigments, and paper filler, to name a few.

Physical analysis

Brand RMM
Purity 98%
Form Powder
Packaging Size 50kg.
Ph Value 8-9
Packaging Type HDPE Bag
Size Range 0.020-2000.000 um


Caco3 96
Free silica 0. 02%
Mgo 1 to 1. 5% max.
Fe2o3 0. 1%max.
Alkali (water soluble) 0. 1%

Product Details

Colour super snow white
Specific gravity 2. 65
Oil absorption 32 to 35 gms/cc
Ph (10% solution) 9 to 9. 5
Bulk density 0. 52 (loose)
0. 85 (50 tap)
Whiteness on gloss
reflectometer compared with
mgco3 as 100% standard.

Micron size

D ( 0. 1 ) 0. 84 micron
D ( 0. 5 ) 3. 88 micron
D ( 0. 9 ) 11. 20 micron
D ( 0. 97 ) 15. 90 micron
Why Us?

Our calcium carbonate granules are available in various grades and sizes, as well as specifications, details of which are available on our official website. Apart from this, we can also customize our products as per the individual needs of our clients. Our price has always been competitive and shall always be. We even import calcium carbonate from far and wide, including from countries like Egypt and Vietnam, to suit the needs of specific customers. We love communicating with our leads and clients. So anyone having any queries can feel free to call our customer care executives.