Business Responsibility

We, Rishbhedo Micro Mineral is for us in the form of Customer God, we have to take care of many subjects with giving high quality material. At the same time, we have to take care of our employees, they also have to take care of their safety, along with all these we have to take full care of our society and nature as well

As you know, we manufacture calcium carbonate in India, because calcium carbonate is very much needed in human society. Because it is used in many units and products, human life is incomplete without it.

Environment & Nature

  Full compliance with the regional Pollution Control Authorities.

  Planting many types of trees in factory premises

  Using Eco Friendly Object

  Use of solar panels for personal power usage


  Ensure that health of employees is monitored regularly as per health policy

  Improve awareness on safety, health and environment through effective training

  Accident insurance of all employees

  Along with the employee, his family is also insured

Employees Safety

  We Provide regular training sessions, simulations, periodic inspections, audits and participative management for institutionalization of Safety practice

  Updated facilities are installed to ensure safety.