Micronized Calcium Carbonate

Micronized Calcium Carbonate in India

Finding One of the Best Micronized Calcium Carbonate Suppliers in India
Micronized Calcium Carbonate in India

Rishabhdeo micro minerals is a prominent name in offering various grades of Micronized Calcium Carbonate in India for a long back. Following the development of the market, RMM produces valuable products that are highly appreciated in its market due to their quality.

When our clients need supplies of different forms of calcium carbonate, they hardly go looking beyond us. This is because those who have partnered with us, Rishabhdeo micro minerals, even once, know our commitment to the business.

Who we are?

Our team at Rishabhdeo micro minerals has years of experience in the mineral industry. As a Gujarat-based company, we are one of the very few manufacturers and suppliers of Micronized Calcium Carbonate in India. Our years of experience in this field have made us understand the most significant aspects of maximum quality control. And utilizing that experience, along with the newest technologies, we give our clients the best products for the best possible price. This makes us one of the most preferred and referred calcium carbonate suppliers in the country, as well.

Calcium carbonate huge requirement in paint industries, Our calcium carbonate is used in the paint industry to enhance the performance of quality paints. This provides excellent quality to the paint


  High stability

  Highly effective

  Precisely formulated

  Accurate composition


  PVC/ Plastic industries

  Tooth Paste


  Paint Industries

Top Supplier of Calcium Carbonate

How we Work

If you are looking for a top supplier of calcium carbonate in India, then RMM is the company for you. We have a wide range of products to choose from, including PCC, GCC, and natural calcium carbonate in various particle sizes, grades, and specifications. We are one of the Top Suppliers of Calcium Carbonate. Our products include micronized powder, granules, and flakes. We can make our flakes and powders right in the way that our customers specify. This helps our clients utilize their products in the most efficient ways, incurring the least wastage. Also, our team's ability to customize services makes our product suitable for various industries.

Physical analysis

Brand RMM
Purity 98%
Form Powder
Packaging Size 50kg.
Ph Value 8-9
Packaging Type HDPE Bag
Size Range 0.020-2000.000 um


Caco3 96
Free silica 0. 02%
Mgo 1 to 1. 5% max.
Fe2o3 0. 1%max.
Alkali (water soluble) 0. 1%

Product Details

Colour super snow white
Specific gravity 2. 65
Oil absorption 32 to 35 gms/cc
Ph (10% solution) 9 to 9. 5
Bulk density 0. 52 (loose)
0. 85 (50 tap)
Whiteness on gloss
reflectometer compared with
mgco3 as 100% standard.

Micron size

D ( 0. 1 ) 0. 84 micron
D ( 0. 5 ) 3. 88 micron
D ( 0. 9 ) 11. 20 micron
D ( 0. 97 ) 15. 90 micron

What our Products feature

We have earned applauds as a top quality Ground Calcium Carbonate Manufacturers in India. And people come to us for the features that our products have to offer. For example, our powders and flakes are high in stability, effective for different applications, accurate in composition, and have the right formula.

We do not believe in bombarding our clients with hollow promises. We love offering our advice and solutions to everyone coming to us. It would hardly matter whether they decide to partner with us or not. However, we invite anybody interested to visit our company website to get to know us better. We are also confident that our clients would like our portfolio.