Research & Development

Commercial markets and consumer demands are highly dynamic in nature. Serving these changing and demanding requirements requires continuous innovation and technological development.

Rishabhdev is a centralized research and development center in micro minerals located in udaipur. A talented team led by more than 35 chemists and scientists lead research and development activities. Extensive research experiments related to minerals and their applications are carried out in various fields. The center is dedicated to undertaking long-term research programs, delivering timely analytical reports and laying the foundation for all possible developments.

Since inception, this R&D center itself has developed technologies that have led to the establishment of several plants. Without the help of any external agency, the R&D Center has set up pilot scale wet and dry processing plants as well as calcination plants for the purpose of testing. The company has also invested heavily in laboratory scale equipment and machinery to test its specialty chemicals and additive range.

Rishabhdev Micro Minerals is a customer oriented company that strives to meet clear requirements. To achieve this objective, the R&D center is equipped with a ‘Product Application Center’, which is determined to develop materials according to customer requirements and to take joint projects with its customers from various fields and applications