Our Quality System

Being an internationally recognized company, Rishabhdev Micro Minerals is known for its high-quality calcium carbonate products and reliance on decades of experience in the industry and achieving customized services using state-of-the-art technologies across all regions and locations . We are proudly an ISO 9001: 2015 company working towards setting high goals and standards in terms of product quality and certifications.

The consistent quality of our products is monitored at all our company locations in all our QC laboratories and the central analysis conducted at the company headquarters by the Central Quality Control Laboratory responsible for defining the standards and methods of measuring cohesion Worldwide with his observance.

The latest technological equipment at Rishabhdev Micro Minerals Laboratory is used by our experienced staff, with every stage of the production process being under constant control with analysis and measurement processes. Calibration and maintenance of our analysis instruments are done regularly. In this way samples are taken continuously at the level of production, we keep the same quality in our products at all times. In addition to research and development studies, dispersion, whiteness measurements, moisture analysis, and ash tests are performed on a regular basis in our laboratory.