Calcium Carbonate For Rubber

Ground calcium carbonate is used in a wide variety of rubber applications, both as an extender and a detaching agent. In other calcium carbonate rubber applications, it can add stiffness or provide abrasion resistance with the use of our calcium carbonate in the rubber industry. Kinds of application: – Shoes and shoe sole, Tire tube straps, Floor tiles, Matting, Conveyors, Belt Hoses tube rp. Granules etc. Application: As a strong filler and whitening as well as improving strength. This provides rigidity to the non-cured rubber product.

Commonly worn out rubbers are rarely used in their ancient form. They are too weak to meet practical requirements due to lack of hardness, strength properties and wear resistance. They are therefore used along with many other components known as fillers that improve the final product’s processability, performance properties, and life

Calcium carbonate has been used primarily as filler to reduce the cost of rubber products. With the development of technology in superfine filler production and in surface modification in particular, calcium carbonate is used as a reinforcing filler.

As inorganic filler, nano calcium carbonate has so far not demonstrated the same strong effect as conventional reinforced filler such as carbon black Also, the effect of various filler parameters on the physical properties of composites, with a particular focus on natural rubber, acrylonitrile butadiene rubber and styrene budein rubber based composites. These findings may be useful as a guideline for the development of rubber materials for various engineering purposes with the required performance.

Precipitation State Un-Precipitated
Packaging Size 50 kg
Usage/Application Rubber Industry
Grade Standard Reagent Grade
State Powdered
Purity % 99%