Calcium Carbonate For Pipes & PVC

Rishabhdeo Micro Minerals Pvt. Ltd. improves the base properties of polyvinyl chloride by adding stiffness to the calcium carbonate polymer matrix and improves impact resistance as the particle sizes become smaller. RISHABHDEO MICRO MINERALS calcium carbonate also improves compound performance by helping to disperse various ingredients in PVC powder mixtures and improves processing by making polymer flow more homogenous.

The calcium carbonate particle size and the impact strength of the finished rigid PVC part also applies to extruded pipes and injection-molded fittings. The object is to produce an acceptable part at the lowest possible cost. This is achieved by reducing the level of ingredients that add cost to PVC production, such as effect modifiers.

The ideal effect is to eliminate the use of modifiers. This can be achieved in large diameter pipes using formulations containing 2-3 μm RISHABHDEO MICRO MINERALS calcium carbonate. The impact specification is usually more difficult to meet in a smaller diameter pipe, thus a finer calcium carbonate in the range of 1–2 μm should be used. In modern life, we take long-term performance advantages of PVC pipe.

Compared to iron or copper piping, PVC pipe works are simpler to rust without leaks or leaks and repairs. Rishabhdev Micro Minerals is certified for calcium carbonate plastic piping. The size of the filler used can have a effect on the impact strength of a PVC compound. RISHABHDEO cotters offer a very wide range of mineral coated calcium carbonate, suitable for all PVC pipe and compound applications without calcium calcium carbonate

Color White
State Powdered
Application Construction Industry, Plastic Industry
Precipitation State Un-Precipitated
Purity % 99 %
Packaging Type HDPE Bag
Packaging Size 50 kg