Calcium Carbonate For Paper & Printing

RISHABHDEO MICRO MINERALS is one of the leading quantities for calcium carbonate for paper. A shiny white calcium carbonate is added to paper pulp as a filler in alkaline papers or applied as a coating pigment. It is used in alkaline papermaking, which is about to receive increased interest due to the longevity of alkaline papers. Calcium carbonate is used as a white pigment in many printing inks.

It can be formulated to provide greater brightness to the surface of the ink. It is low in cost, and is commonly used as an extender in place of more inflammatory disease dioxide. Calcium carbonate is used as a filler material in an alkaline papermaking process in a paper mill. Nowadays calcium carbonate dominates other papermaking filler components. The main reason behind the preference for calcium carbonate is brighter and bulb demand.

The use of calcium carbonate in the alkaline papermaking process has significant benefits. Calcium carbonate usually occurs in three natural forms such as limestone, chalk, and marble. Naturally, it is between calcium salt and carbon dioxide content. This process is still going on in the oceans. Two types of calcium carbonate are used in paper mill ground calcium carbonate (GCC) and precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC).

Ground calcium carbonate is made by grinding limestone or marble due to their high gloss and purity. The particle size of ground calcium carbonate is usually rhombohedral. This filler material is used in the alkaline wood-free papermaking process. GCC brightness is 86–95%. RISHABHDEO MICRO MINERALS uses the most advanced technologies and methods to support the development of the most cost-effective, top-performing coating formulations to meet customer manufacturing and quality requirements. With the RISHABHDEO MICRO MINERALS R&D team, high quality calcium carbonate products have been developed for a wide range of paper manufacturing in a broadly favorable manner.

Packaging Size 50 kg
Color White
State Powdered
Application Paper Industry
Grade Standard Technical Grade
Packaging Type HDPE Bag
Purity % 93% - 95%