Calcium Carbonate For Oil & GAS Drilling

Rishabhdeo Micro minerals calcium carbonate is used as a weighing agent used in bridging and drilling. It is used to increase soil density and barite is preferred because it is acid soluble. It is grinded into three sizes. Coarse, medium and fine is essentially a fluid and a weighing agent to control fluid loss and density.

Calcium carbonate used in both oil-based and water-based fluid systems. The Rishabhdeo Micro minerals product is essentially used as a weighing agent where used for bridging and seepage control. Acid soluble and effective bridging agent available in 3 parts, helps to clean inert and relatively insoluble excellent weighing agent: coarse, medium and fine hence the most suitable size can be used to suit the exact application. Rishabhdeo Micro minerals provide a wide range of calcium carbonates of various sizes for water treatment.

Form Powder
Application Oil exploration
Packaging Type HDP bag & palletized cargo
Packaging Size 25kg or 1 MT jumbo bag
Brand RMM
Grade Industrial
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