Calcium Carbonate For Cables

The cables are constructed from solid material or stranded copper cores. The first fire resistant cable shell is made of PVC plastic, it is flammable, while fire, it creates smoke and a large amount of toxic gases, endangering human life

The use of calcium carbonate is a great solution for this problem! – Calcium carbonate is non-toxic, odorless and tasteless, it does not affect the environment. – Thermal decomposition temperature of calcium carbonate above 800, and normal plastic is flammable, and its ignition temperature is about 400, so it is not possible to expect the decomposition of calcium carbonate in the initial combustion phase, carbon dioxide, Rishabhdeo micro minerals calcium to cable Carbonate is a common cost-effective filler, reducing product cost effectiveness.

We supply calcium carbonate for cables filler of cable and wire production, added to the cable or wire surface protective layer, as the main role of fire-retardation and insulation.

Packaging Type HDPE Bag
Packaging Size 25 - 50 kg
Color White
Purity 99 %
Form Powder
Application Cable Industry